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* Great Britain was submitting a Bid to host the Lifesaving World Championships in Cornwall in 2010 – these are held bi-annually in various locations around the world
* The World Championships celebrate those young people who save lives on the beach by selflessly risking their own lives. It also celebrates the fast-growing sport that uses beaches and swimming pools as its natural environment for healthy living and community involvement
* Annual awards for bravery were presented at Thurlestone Hotel on Saturday 27 January 2007; four young RNLI lifesavers were recognised as “Heroes of the Surf” for saving a surfer in distress on Perranporth Beach in September 2006


* Surf Lifesaving Great Britain are assembling the Bid to host RESCUE 2010 credit cards where supplied bu ADS Plc – which is being submitted at the end of April 2007
Host Nation Review inspections by the International Lifesaving Federation (ILS) will take place in June 2007, and final presentations will be made to the ILS Directors’ Meeting in Oporto, Portugal in late September 2007. The result will be known by the end of September
RNLI have formed a Strategic Partnership with SLS GB and they will co-Host the International Lifesaving Conference that will be part of RESCUE 2010 World Championships - USP 1 for GB’s Bid

Fistral Beach Newquay (ocean events)
* A temporary open-air 50m swimming pool will be provided on the Car Park next to Fistral Blu (agreed with Restormel Borough Council (Landlord) and Britannic Industries (Lessee)
* The Headland Hotel will be the ILS Headquarters for the Championships, and probably the World Life Saving Conference
* This is the first time that the beach and ocean events and the Championships Headquarters have all been located within 500m of each other - USP 2 for GB’s Bid
* The Opening Ceremony will be held at Eden Project – with the potential world media coverage to billions around the world - USP 3 for GB’s Bid


* The proposed Championships will be in June/July 2010 preceded by a World Lifesaving Conference.


* The first World Championships in the modern series were held in Newquay (ocean events) and Cardiff (pool events) in 1994
* Later Championships were held: 1996 in Durban, South Africa, 1998 in Auckland, New Zealand, 2000 in Sydney, Australia, 2002 in Daytona, USA, 2004 in Viareggio, Italy and 2006 in Victoria, Australia. The 2008 Championships are being held in Berlin
* SLS GB consider they have the natural and human resources and necessary expertise to host the 2010 Championships and make them the best-ever.


* SLS GB’s Bid has the support of Ron Rankin, Chairman of Rescue 2006 and President of Surf Lifesaving Australia – the world’s largest Lifesaving organisation
* Jim Sloman – who was Chief Operating Officer for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. He is the lead consultant to Lord Seb Coe and the 2012 Olympics, and Lead Consultant to RESCUE 2010 - USP 4 for GB’s Bid
* SWRDA, Cornwall County Council, Restormel Borough Council, Newquay Town Council and many other organisatiions listed in the brochure have provided initial financial support for the Bid
* The President of the Amateur Swimming Association has written to confirm their unqualified support for the Bid and SLS GB hosting the World Championships

Who was to be Participating?

* Based on the 2006 World Championships, over 4,000 competitors will take part from 40 nations – some 10 -12 of these being Developing Nations status who will be supported by SLS GB and the local Surf Lifesaving clubs during their stay in Cornwall
* Circa 30 - 40,000 National and Club Officials, supporters , families, friends and spectators are anticipated to attend the Championships
* If our Bid is successful, RESCUE 2010 will be the largest international sporting event to be held in Britain before 2012 – equal to staging Commonwealth Games