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The Perfect Proposition - Key Facts

Rescue 2010 will have similar competitor numbers to the Commonwealth Games.

It will take place in June and July 2010.

An estimated 40 countries will compete with over 4,000 competitors.

Over 30,000 visitors are forecast to attend from the competitors, coaches, supporters and families.

The media coverage of Rescue 2006 was phenomenal – promoting the event on an international stage – across the Antipodes, South Africa, California, Japan, India, the USA and Great Britain.

The ILS World Lifesaving Championships (the Rescue series) are held every two years and comprise:

National Teams World Lifesaving Championship
Interclub World Lifesaving Championship
Masters World Lifesaving Championship

Competitions include:

Competitions take place in the sea and in the pool, demonstrating the extraordinary strength and skills of competitors. Of course this is all supported by dedicated volunteers.

An International Lifesaving Conference would be co-hosted by SLSGB and RNLI – once every two years all the nations of the world involved in Surf Lifesaving meet for a conference to discuss the latest techniques in saving lives.

Rescue 2010 Bid Timetable